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ROVE THE STYLE LATITUDE, although it is a place to share thoughts and ideas as I evolve and move through my own personal style journey, I am discovering has loftier aims. Since I began this blog, my intention and drive have crystalized into five primary pillars that color each of my explorations:


On the most basic level, I aim to shed light on trends I find worthy, on people I believe are contributing something valuable, and on brands that are doing something positive. I am also interested in illumination and enlightenment of the mind – in learning and being a more informed consumer and human being.


Tandem to the pursuit of learning and the enlightened mind is the expanded mind. The more we understand and are exposed to, the broader our appreciation and, consequently, our enjoyment is. This can be true of our wardrobes as well. Fashion, to me, is just the ever-flowing fountain from which we draw to expand our personal styles.


As we increase our awareness and exposure to differing aesthetic points of view and assimilate those revelations into our personal dress, not only is our style elevated, but, oftentimes, so is our taste as our eye becomes trained through familiarity with quality. I also believe the more we elevate ourselves, in domino-like fashion, the more elevated those in our sphere are likely to be, based on the same principle. But beyond the elevation of taste and style, there is a lifting of humanity that I am interested in, as style and ideology are inextricably interwoven.


Just like I am not likely to attend a concert for an orchestra composed entirely of piccolos, I am not coming to dine at the fashion table on meager helpings of pressed chinos and broadcloth. I wish to champion and celebrate the outliers, the divergents, the risk-takers, the rebels, and the renegades. I embrace the diversity of the human spectrum. I also embrace the diversity of the sartorial spectrum. I have no desire to be another fashion blogger that harps on rules and “style mistakes”, thereby contributing to the fear-culture too rampant in menswear. Instead, I am in pursuit of a cultural climate that encourages, men especially, to try new things and take more style chances.


With each new thing we try – each time we push past our own style comfort zones – we push a little further into a far brighter future. As we challenge traditions and question the status quo, we not only lay claim to our own power, but we give others permission to do the same. In this way, we can help break down the narrow silos of identity within our culture that corral, categorize, and divide. We can reach across aisles, borders, and any number of unseen barriers by allowing ourselves and others to like what we like and look how we want to look.