Just beyond the raging sea of hormones, through throngs of breathless adolescents driven mad by his mere mention, if you brush aside the “boy band” and “teen heartthrob” stigmas that might obscure one’s vision, you will discover Harry “I was always going to go solo” Styles – a young singer who recently struck out on his own after rising to global stardom in the UK pop sensaysh One Direction.

As a member of 1D, Hay-Sty appears to have developed both as an artist and as a style icon. As he has begun to carve his very own style path, the popstar has garnered mucho attencho for a parade of bold fashion choices hallmarked by a consistent disregard for convention and the status quo. Respect, brother.

Harry Styles looks

Now as a breakout, solo artist, Styles really seems to be coming into his artistry and solidifying his trendsetter status. Lending his spotlight and charismatic persona to off-center style choices, Harry demonstrates that different really can be cool – and different is something that we definitely need more of in mainstream men’s fashion.

Harry Styles looks

I don’t care what your taste in music is, this dude is one you’re definitely going to want to keep an eye on. I actually think this young risk-taker is good for men’s fashion. The straight-up simple fact of the matter is, we need upsetters and wavemakers like Harry “So what if I was in a boy band?” Styles to help widen the way and teach the masses that the avenues of style stretch out, ironically, in more than just one direction.

Never basic basics.
Harry Styles basic fashions

Aptly dubbed “The Prince of Prints.”
Harry Style wearing printsHarry Style wearing printsHarry Style wearing prints

The king of somehow making Hawaiian-style shirts look cool again.
Harry Style Hawaiian shirts

Not afraid to bend a little gender.
Harry Styles gender bending fashion

Out-there outerwear.
Harry Style outerwear

Never a dull suit moment. Also, bringing back the flared leg!
Harry Styles suits

Shoe game on point.
Harry Styles shoes

Not afraid to take risks.
Harry Styles fashion risks

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