Perhaps all this balmy weather lately is to blame, but I’ve got beach on the brain. And this summer, I plan to straight up beach like a baller. So here’s some summer swag I’ve collected for your consideration to help get us all there in style.

The first thing we’re gonna need is the just-right pair of swim trunks. Something I’ve been seeing pop up all over the place is the idea of a hybrid or all-day boardshort – something that dries quickly and can double as a regular fashion short appropriate for other non-beach activities.

men's hybrid swim shorts

For tops, a t-shirt is an easy and acceptable go-to, but there is a whole slew of swim shirts on the market these days including rash guards to protect against rashes and sunburns as well as a plethora of apparel designed specifically for sun protection.

men's beach t-shirts
men's swim shirts

As an alternative, especially if opting for a hybrid swim short style, Cuban-collar cabana shirts are making a resurgence in men’s fashion this summer. This can be a great look for a casual, seaside dinner after a long day of water activities.

men's cuban collar cabana shirts

When it gets a little chilly, reach for a baja hoodie or jacket. Remember those from the nineties (sometimes affectionately referred to as “drug rugs”)? Well, they’re back.

men's baja hoodies

Next we need to find us some fashionable but beach-appropriate footwear. Rope sandals are a cool, unique option. Also, a nice pair of huaraches, or woven sandals, of Beach Boys Surfin’ USA fame is perfect for an all-day look.

men's rope and huarache sandals

Now to man-cessorize. Shades are a must. A slick pair of aviators is a year-round wardrobe staple, in my opinion, but you can definitely branch out from there. Wayfarers are a popular style these days, and they offer a lot of opportunity for individualization with a wide range of colors to choose from. As a general rule, look for frames that are opposite your face shape. If you have more roundness to you face, look for more squared frame styles and vice versa.

men's sunglasses

For a little extra style, you can throw on some surf-style, multi-cord bracelets or a simple necklace. When it comes to the beach, you really don’t need much to make an impact.

surf-style beach accessories

Beyond that, how about upping your hat game as well this summer? Wide brims are where it’s at right now. Straw is a great option for summer, and something relaxed looking with, perhaps, a floppy brim can lend a chill, bohemian air. You can even accessorize your hat with strung beads or cool straps to make it all your own.

men's summer hats

Of course, don’t forget a good, oversized, beach towel. Or two.

Finally, we’re going to need to transport everything. I recommend investing in a beach bag. A “weekender” bag or even a good, quality gym bag works great. My personal preference would be a Freitag bag. Freitag is a really cool, Swiss company, and they have a large variety of options to fit your needs, but I think the Lois or the Clark models are particularly great for carrying all your beach gear in – the Clark if you need a little extra cargo room for your football, Frisbee, and whatever else you like to take to the beach. They’re made out of upcycled materials, they have separate compartments for wet and dry items, they’re incredibly easy to clean, and they’re remarkably durable and long lasting. I have owned two Freitag bags for over a decade. They were the rage over in Europe so I picked some up on my travels. I use them A LOT and put them through all kinds of abuse, and they’re still in excellent condition! The steep price is well worth the investment in this case. Plus, you’re buying a one-of-a-kind item AND doing something positive for the planet. I’m telling you, you can’t lose.

Freitag bags

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