The runways are ripe with safari-style fashions of late, and that looks to be heavily influencing this summer’s color story. But amid this beige backdrop of utilitarian neutrals is an insurgence of unapologetic, high-fiveable, tropical swagger. Perhaps it’s owing, in some small part, to all the what-have-you with Cuba recently (and the not-unrelated resurgence of 1950s fashion trends), but men everywhere have begun to embrace this blending of cool, care-free, Caribbean charisma with understated, on-trend expedition-wear.

SS16 Men's Fashion Safari Style Trend

The Caribbean’s fresh, vibrant approach to color is iconic. Their bold and ubiquitous usage of bright blues, greens, aquas, pinks, oranges, and yellows is inspiring fashion-forward adventurers to wake up their wardrobes with cool face-splashes of these trending, tropical hues. Regardless of whether you’ll actually be hightailing it to Havana this summer or not, celebrate the spirit of the islands with a muy-caliente look that says (in a sexy island accent), “I’m chill, but I am all kinds of party!”

Caribbean colors in Cuba

To get started, you’ll want to lay a foundation of neutrals – the majority of which should be in lighter tones of khaki, pale gray, and bright white. Any darker neutrals should, for the most part, be reserved for accessories like shoes, belts, bracelets, and the like. A darker gray, tan, or brown can add dimension to an outfit but is not necessary. These can also help in transitioning a look from daytime to evening, however, or in lending some seriousness to your look for slightly more formal or dressed-up situations requiring any actual #adulting. Also, you can play around with mixing your warm and cool neutrals together like combining a light khaki short with a cool gray t-shirt, for example.

SS16 Men's Fashion Mint Color Trend

Armed with the proper foundation, start to mix in a little island flavor. You can begin by introducing a mint color, giving you a tasty blend of tonally similar pieces with subtle shifts in hue and saturation. KIck it up with a vivid aqua or turquoise for a more sizzling, life-of-the-beach-party vibe. #holla

SS16 Men's Fashion Aqua Color Trend

For an even bolder declaration that exudes major #iwokeuplikethis ease and confidence, reach for some salmon, coral, or washed red. You’ll want a non-primary, pinkish or slightly orangish red that’s saturated and bright but still soft. (Different places will have different names for it like faded red, Nantucket red, tomato red, amaranth, vermilion, cinnabar, and so on.) This is especially striking in a pair of lightweight, rolled hem, summer chinos. #werk

SS16 Men's Fashion Coral and Salmon Color Trend

SS16 Men's Fashion Washed Red and Berry Color Trend

For those summer nights, throw in some deep, rich shades of teal or berry.

SS16 Men's Fashion Teal Color Trend

SS16 Color Men's Fashion - Caribbean Safari

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