Good style starts with great shoes, I once heard someone say. So in sure-why-not solidarity with that random human’s mouth-words, I’ve chosen to kick off (pun intended) this blog with a few brain-thoughts from this random human on the subject of footwear — specifically, sweet, now-tro kicks for the spring and summer seasons, as those are actual right-now type happenings. If you’re so fortunate as to live in the present like me, well, then this will be perfect. If you live in the future, however, I’m afraid you’re on your own, amigo. Bestest of the lucks to you.

But, now more to the point(ish), perhaps also like me, you’ve been slow-cooking a tasty set of hairy man-ankles to some scrumptiously sunless shade of pale all winter under thick shrouds of dark-wash denim, calf-boots, and the absolute dorkiest socks in your repertoire, since, let’s face it, winter is the only season of the year you can secretly sport said socks without catching shade… Um, I mean, yeah, me neither. I DEFINITELY only own super sexy, studly varieties of foot-skivvies. But let’s not focus on that! Without a doubt, them ank’es be itchin’ to burst from their cold-weather chrysalis; spread their pasty-white, proverbial wings; and take to the air, free and naked as a poet’s soul. The time has come for those beauties to leave the nest and head out into the world where they too can freely mix their own metaphors! If you’re not smelling what I’m stepping in yet, warm weather footwear fashion is all about rockin’ that scintillating, sockless look; it’s all about a proper, provocative proposition of manly, ankle flesh — or more, if you’re feeling especially saucy.

How best, then, I hear you and the voices in my head ask, does a fella like you and me appropriately outfit our netherest of nether regions to adopt this must-have, commando style? Well, I have a few thinks about that. And it’s lucky I do or else this post would just be a lot like my last relationship — it seems like fun for a minute, but, in the end, it turns out she’s a big-fat-stupidface-liarbrain.

Anyway… shoes — Seeing as how I’ve clearly ripened to an indisputable pinnacle of maturity and class, obvs, it’s imperative I select for myself a shoe style apropos of my achievement. But, on the same toke’, Broanoke, the haberdashery of these man-hooves also gots to possess the just-right amount of I-DO-WHAT-I-WANT!-tricity, properly befitting my buffoonery. So while you’re adding your Birkenstock® and Teva® sandals of shoddings long past to the time capsule buried in the yard, I’ll share with you my personal picks and recs for spring/summer 2016.

  1. My first pick: espadrilles, alpargatas, or jute shoes. I recommend either a fresh, bold color like the Beach Glass Green or even the Washed Olive from or else something with a really righteous print like their Bandana Print Indigo Espadrilles for $55. In my experience, these run a little small, so size up if you can. This earthy, hand-stitched jute and canvas look is seriously where it’s at. Soludos Men's Bandan Print Indigo EspadrillesTOMS also offers a noteworthy selection, though with less of that hand-crafted look. I’m a fan of the Black & White Linear Cultural Woven Men’s Classics for $55. It lands squarely within the whole geo-tribal trend that’s happening right now.TOMS Men's Black and White Linear Woven Alpargatas
  2. For when you’re feeling a little less “leisurely hipster” and a little more #beastmode, consider investing in a sweet set of man-glads; gladiator sandals, I’m talking about. It’s a thing that’s happening. Women have been appropriating the gladiatorial aesthetic for years in fashion. Now men are stepping back into the arena. I chose this $44.85 pair in black from Leatherhood on for myself. They custom make them to fit your foot at a very affordable price. I like the simple, airy design of the thinner straps attached like a rib cage to a center spine running along the top of the foot. I also like the double ankle straps; it’s just enough visual rhythm to suggest that gladiator look, but not so much that it becomes a costume.
    Letherhood Custom Men's Gladiator Sandals in also sells a nice-looking pair of man-glads in brown for $57 worth considering. ASOS Men's Gladiator Sandals in Brown
  3. If you gravitate toward a more classic shape like loafers, driving shoes, boat shoes, topsiders, or mocs, consider making a splash this spring with some unexpected materials, colors, prints, or patterns. Here are few ideas to point your face at:
    Amali Men’s Casual Driving Moccasin Loafer in Turquoise Microfiber
    Amali Men's Turquoise Microfiber Loafers
    Amali Men’s Casual Driving Moccasin Loafer in Black and White Printed Houndstooth
    Amali Men's Casual Driving Moccasin Loafer in Black and White Printed Houndstooth
    Sperry Men’s Free Time Green Leather Top-Sider Boat Shoes
    Sperry Men's Free Time Green Leather Top-Sider Boat Shoes
    Brooks Brothers Seersucker Plaid Boat Shoes
    Brooks Brothers Seersucker Plaid Boat Shoes
  4. If you’ wantin’ to kick it real relaxed-like, try some super-caszh sidewalk surfers, like these $60 Grey Vintage Denim Stripe ones from Sanuk:
    Sanuk Men's Donny Sidewalk Surfers in Grey Vintage Denim Stripe

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